015: Web Accessibility: An a11y Special with Epic Guests

Remotely Interesting

Learn a11y amazingness from the brilliant minds of Leslie, Hugues, and Amberley!

Discussion Points
Why a11y matters

  • What is web a11y and why do we care?
  • JS frameworks/React and a11y
A11y in the developer community
  • A11y has become seemingly more popular and more mainstream. Why?
  • At the same time, the state of a11y on the web has not really improved (see: WebAIM million).
It's our (collective) job to make the web-accessible.
  • How to bake accessibility into your workflow
    • How does Netlify test for accessibility while building the product? (see blog post)
    • Accessibility as acceptance criteria
    • How does Netlify prioritize accessibility tech debt?
  • How to champion accessibility at work
Where to start?

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