013: How to Level Up - Dreams & Disasters

Remotely Interesting

Holiday cookie season (*´ڡ`●.

Welcome to Remotely Interesting brought to you by Netlify. People who were remotely interesting:

In this episode, we discuss our resolutions for the new year focusing on tech projects we plan to do and even NOT do. We'll throw in some resources that help us and some that we think may help you too! We do get a little sidetracked (shocking, I know) and talk about nose noises, the origins of phrases & species, foot taps, and oh so much more.

New Laptop, New You?
  • setting up your shell & environment
  • making scripts for laptop setup
  • start clean or stick with what you like
  • oh aliases (Sarah's post on aliases)
ResolutionsPermission to Learn or Not
  • not feel guilty and working extra and not feel guilty to NOT work extra
  • don't try to be the best just make it work
  • there is skill in refactoring
  • learning in a low-risk project
  • learning in public and we all try to be an empathetic and humble community
  • foot five & master chef elbow taps
  • toe the line origin
Personal ResolutionsStrategies to Accomplish GoalsTech Resources for Coding ResolutionsTidBits & ThoughtThings™️Name one resolution that you've made more than once. Have you stuck to it? Have you never stuck to it?
As always, we hope you find it remotely interesting.


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