RRU 112: From Pulling Teeth to Pull Requests with Meghna Srivastava

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Dr. Meghna Srivastava joins React Round Up to share how she transitioned from a dentist in her native country of India to a software developer today in Berlin, Germany. Although she practiced for a few years after graduating dental school, Meghna wasn't completely satisfied with her career choice, and things at work began to feel stale to her. At the same time, she saw the flexibility her partner enjoyed as a backend developer, and began dabbling in Python to see if coding might be something she was interested in pursuing as well. Fast forward a year, and Meghna found herself in Germany due to her partner's job, and unemployed, giving her the time she needed to really focus on learning to code, and she discovered she enjoyed JavaScript's browser-focused interactions more than backend languages. Then she progressed on to the React framework as she began to build up her portfolio.


  • Charles Max Wood
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  • Meghna Srivastava


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