RRU 086: Gatsby Themes with Chris Biscardi

React Round Up

In this episode of React Round Up the panel interviews Chris Biscardi. Chris is now working with Gatsby. He shares a bit about his background and how he got into programming. Chris explains his move from Kubernetes and Docker over to Gatsby. His overall drive is to increase leverage for other people and what drew him to these projects. 

Chirs explains what Gatsby is and what it has to offer to React developers. Gatsby is like a creat react app which is attached to a static site generator that has an API that allows you to pull in data from anywhere. Also, by using Gatsby developers do not have to operate alone, they get the whole Gatsby ecosystem to help them. 

The panel considers Gatsby and if it would be a good way for developers to learn React. Chris explains with Gatsby’s documentation it would be great for learning React. The panel believes it would be a good place to learn because of the hands-on goal-oriented work engaged in when using Gatsby. Chris shares what developers get when using Gatsby and why it appeals to programmers today. 

Chris explains what Gatsby themes are and how they are more powerful than CSS themes. The panel discusses how to use themes and how to write them. ThemeUI library is shared and Chris explains how it works. They consider what is next for both Gatsby and React. 


  • Lucas Reis

  • Charles Wood

  • Thomas Aylott


  • Chris Biscardi




Lucas Reis:

  • Don’t procrastinate

Charles Wood:

  • Find solid people in your life

  • Get away

Chris Biscardi:

Thomas Aylott:

  • Real relationships with real people outside of work. 

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