RRU 073: TypeScript and ReasonML Christoffer Niska

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With special guest: Christoffer Niska

Episode Summary

Christoffer Niska has been in web development for over a decade and works with mainly PHP and JavaScript, but knows about 8 different languages, often working in multiple languages simultaneously. The panel discusses the affect learning another language has on how you write the code you’re working on. They talk about TypeScript and Christoffer shares how he got into it. They discuss the prevalence of TypeScript and some of the tools available for it, like Fable.io. TypeScript is a very beneficial language because it can help with refactoring and automation. Christoffer believes that it is better to write libraries in TypeScript. He shares how to release an NPM package with Typescript. They talk about more tools that work with TypeScript.

The panel talks about Reason ML, which is an alternative syntax on top of OCaml.They discuss how the success of ReasonML is evaluated. ReasonML has been found to dramatically reduce bugs and has many features, such as a pattern matching feature. The panel talks about the availability of ReasonML to those who are not on the Facebook team. ReasonML and Typescript can also be compiled into WebAssembly and other languages. They finish by talking about some of the many tools that Reason ML has built in. 


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