RRU 045: React Hooks with Dave Ceddia

React Round Up



  • Charles Max Wood
  • Lucas Reis
  • Justin Bennett

Joined by Special Guest: Dave Ceddia


Dave Ceddia introduces hooks and what they let you do. The panel discusses how hooks work and how they will clean up the code. Dave explains what react does behind the scenes when hooks are being used. Hooks are simple to use but hard to explain, so the panel asks Dave how he would teach hooks. Dave explains there is a learning hump and shares what trips most developers up.

The panel considers the switch from life cycles to effect and the mindset shift it requires.  The difficulties of hooks are explored, such as there are now three ways to share functionality in react components. Dave shares the advantages of using array destructing instead of object destructing. The panel considers how hooks change the react framework and whether it is worth going back and refactoring everything or to refactor as you go. Different migration paths are discussed and the panel gives advice for different company types and sizes. Jokingly the panel contemplates the hype surrounding hooks and suspense.



Charles Max Wood

Lucas Reis

Justin Bennett

Dave Ceddia

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