Testing 101

Ladybug Podcast

Have you ever written code to add a new feature that ended up breaking an existing feature? Or, have you ever written code that works in one scenario but breaks in a bunch of others? I think we can all admit to this as developers!

Well, this is where testing shines -- we write code to test our other code so we immediately get warned if our code breaks something else! OR doesn’t work in every scenario. In this episode, we’ll talk about a bunch of types of testing and why they’re helpful. Let’s dive in.

Show Notes

  • 01:39 What is our experience with testing?
  • 05:12 What types of code do you write tests for normally?
  • 06:38 What different types of testing are there?
  • 14:26 Why is testing important?
  • 18:50 TDD vs adding tests after
  • 23:33 What types of tools can you use?



Here is the transcript for this week's episode.

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