Junior to Senior Developer: Career Progression for Programmers

Ladybug Podcast

What’s the difference between a junior and senior developer? While there’s no distinct measure from one title to the next, you can measure your progress in three areas: knowledge, coding, and communication. This week on the podcast we’re doing a deep dive into the progression from junior to senior dev.


  • 02:19 The use of "engineer" in titles
  • 04:43 What levels are there for developers?
  • 08:24 The importance of job titles
  • 11:22 Does years of experience matter?
  • 17:17 What knowledge should you have at each level?
  • 27:57 What communication skills should you have at each level?
  • 30:17 How do you know you're ready to be a senior developer?
  • 32:05 Tips for becoming senior
  • 33:33 Shoutouts


Here is the transcript for this week's episode.

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