Engineering Management

Ladybug Podcast

In one of our previous episodes, we talked about different jobs within tech, one of which is engineering management. Today we’re joined by the wonderful Amal Hussein, engineering manager at NPM and we’re going to chat more in-depth about her career path.

1:27 - Tell us about yourself

3:10 - Last fall you transitioned into a new role as an Engineering Manager at NPM. How did you make that leap?

5:38 - What does your day to day schedule look like?

8:32 - What’s the hardest thing about being a manager?

13:37 - Hands on vs. hands off management style

17:01- How long have you been in engineering management?

18:33 - What’s the best thing about being a manager?

21:49 - Do you think someone should be an engineer prior to being a manager?

30:15 - Do you still write code?

33:13 - Do you have any book recommendations for management?

36:53 - How do you build personal relationships w/ employees while working remotely?

42:13 - Advice for those looking to become an engineering manager

46:44 - Where can we find you online?

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