Creating Digital Content

Ladybug Podcast

Blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, e-books, and online courses are all types of digital content. If you’ve ever wondered how you can get started creating digital content of your own, then look no further. Today we’re joined by Sidney Buckner, a Software Engineer and YouTuber, to discuss how we got started creating digital content, how much you can make from publishing content, and more! Let’s get started.


03:00 - What kinds of content do we create? 06:08 - Pros of creating digital content 14:19 - Cons of creating digital content 19:01 - Online courses 24:27 - YouTube 37:38 - E-books 41:17 - Blogs + podcasts 44:17 - How to monetize your digital content 47:13 - Shoutouts



Here is the transcript for this week's episode.

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