Building Developer Communities

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Developer community is centered around the idea of nurturing and amplifying community voices within a company and the head of developer community is responsible for leading this effort. Today we’re joined by Kim Maida, Head of Developer Relations and Community at Gatsby. We’ll discuss what her job entails, the ins and outs of developer advocacy, advice for someone looking to get into this field, and more.

Show notes

2:34 - Can you tell us a bit about yourself?3:27 - What does it mean to be the head of developer relations and community?6:38 - What is devrel/dev advocacy?10:45 - Do the skills vary between these 4 roles? What do you need to know?13:25 - How can you build empathy into your content?16:40 - Do you need to be a software engineer first?19:32 - What is your advice for someone looking to get into your field?24:55 - What’s your advice for becoming a better dev advocate?29:56 - Where do you see the field going in the near future? How does the current COVID situation impact your day to day?36:33 - Shoutouts



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