Building a Resume

Ladybug Podcast

Whether you’re seeking your first developer job or you’re looking to move to a new company, your resume is the first thing employers will see. Having a strong resume is what sets you apart from the competition. In this week’s episode we’re discussing all things resume-building, including what’s important to include, what can be skipped, and best practices for creating your resume.

1:24 - What do our resumes look like?

3:40 - CVs vs. Resumes

12:20 - Resume design

17:09 - What if I don’t have formal computer science education?

23:44 - Should you have an objective or a summary?

25:00 - Should you put references on there?

29:02 - How can I create a resume?

35:57 - Using social media and personal portfolio to back up your resume

37:57 - Shoutouts

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