Advice to our Past Selves

Ladybug Podcast

Welcome to season 3 of the LB podcast. This season we’ll cover topics ranging from advanced JavaScript to networking. We’ll chat about Git & GitHub, making money outside your 9-5 job, and many more topics.

For our first episode of this new season, we’ll be reminiscing about our coding history and discussing some advice we wished we had when learning to code ranging from asking more questions to negotiating job offers.

Show notes

01:50 - Our stories09:29 - Find a community10:43 - Take breaks - you don’t have to code all the time13:36 - Ask questions16:50 - Overcome imposter syndrome18:09 - Sharing your learning journey can help not only yourself but others too20:24 - Surround yourself with people who support you21:33 - Don’t get stuck in the cycle of tutorials23:28 - Get comfortable with being uncomfortable25:02 - Ask for feedback early and often26:23 - Stop being such a perfectionist28:06 - Document your learning journey30:00 - Learn how to Google31:45 - Different ways to learn32:32 - Try to be honest w/ ur manager34:42 - Celebrate your small wins35:20 - Interview to challenge yourself36:54 - Talk to people who have your dream job38:04 - Negotiate offers40:20 - You can be a people person in tech41:40 - Don’t fall into shiny object syndrome 42:21 - You belong in the industry



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