A Beginner's Guide to Freelancing

Ladybug Podcast

Did you know that over one-third of the world’s workforce freelances at least part-time? As freelancing becomes more popular, you may be considering giving the freelance lifestyle a shot. This week on the podcast we’re giving you an introduction to freelancing, from establishing your rates and building a portfolio to finding your first freelance client and managing the project. We close with some final tips, including how to avoid scope creep and how to take time off as a freelancer.


01:40 What is freelancing? 06:28 Benefits of freelancing 10:06 How to establish your rates 13:59 Building a portfolio 20:34 Finding your first client 38:53 The project management process 51:24 Parting tips 53:56 Shoutouts



Here is the transcript for this week's episode.

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