JSJ 317: Prisma with Johannes Schickling

JavaScript Jabber


  • Charles Max Wood
  • AJ O’Neal

Special Guests: Johannes Schickling

In this episode, the JavaScript Jabber panelists discuss Prisma with Johannes Schickling. Johannes is the CEO and co-founder of GraphCool and works with Prisma. They talk about the upcoming changes within GraphCool, what Prisma is, and GraphQL back-end operations. They also touch on the biggest miscommunication about Prisma, how Prisma works, and much more!

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • JSJ Episode 257
  • MJS Episode 055
  • Raised a seed round
  • Rebranding of GraphCool
  • What are you wanting to do with the seed money you raised?
  • Focused on growing his team currently
  • Making GraphQL easier to do
  • The change in the way people build software
  • What is Prisma?
  • Two things you need to do as you want to adopt GraphQL
  • Apollo Client and Relay
  • GraphQL on the back-end
  • Resolvers
  • Resolving data in one query
  • Prisma supports MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • How do you control access to the GraphQL endpoint that Prisma gives you?
  • Biggest miscommunication about Prisma
  • Prisma makes it easier for you to make your own GraphQL server
  • Application schemas
  • How do you blend your own resolvers with Prisma?
  • And much, much more!







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