JSJ 301: CSS Grids: The Future of Frontend Layout with Dave Geddes

JavaScript Jabber


Charles Max Wood

Aimee Knight

Cory House

AJ O'Neal

Joe Eames

Aaron Frost

Special Guests: Dave Geddes

In this episode, the JavaScript Jabber panelists talk with Dave Geddes about CSS Grids. Dave quit his job about a year ago and has been living the entrepreneur and programmer life since then. Now, he builds mastery games to help people learn CSS. Dave discusses the differences between Flexbox and CSS Grid and how the games that he creates can help people learn CSS Grid in a fun and interactive way.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • CSS Mastery games
  • FlexboxZombies.com
  • GridCritters.com
  • Uses spaced repetition and delayed recall to learn
  • CSS Grid
  • Flexbox
  • CSS Grid as the cake and Flexbox as the frosting
  • Edge spec
  • What Flexbox can do
  • Sub-Grids
  • Geddski.com
  • Nesting Grids
  • Old Grid vs New Grid layout
  • Why would you move from Flexbox to CSS Grid?
  • CSS Grid tools
  • GridByExample.com
  • Education and Gamification
  • Pick a UI that interests you
  • For a discount on Grid Critters: enter JS Jabber for 20% off
  • And much, much more!










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