180 JSJ Finding a Job

JavaScript Jabber

02:14 - 15 Minute Podcast Listener chat with Charles Wood

03:23 - Amy’s Upcoming Talk at Nodevember

04:45 - Junior, Mid-level, and Senior Developers

08:00 - Advice for Devs Straight Out of Boot Camp (How Job Hunts Work)

14:28 - Looking For the Right Job For YOU

23:22 - Mentorship & Company Culture

27:16 - Nailing the Interview

  • Salary Expectations
  • Get to Know Potential Team Members
  • Confidence

32:57 - Be Prepared: Coding is HARD Work

35:27 - Getting To Know People & Networking

46:45 - Communication and People Skills

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JS Remote Conf (Chuck)
Rails Remote Conf (Chuck)
Remote Conference Talks (Chuck)
Standing Desks (Aimee)

We have a problem with promises (Aimee)
Interview Cake (Aimee)
Nodevember (Aimee)
A standing desk for $22 (Chuck)
SmartCells Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat (Chuck)
Pebble Time (Chuck)
Pebble.js (Chuck)

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