068 JSJ ES6 with Aaron Frost

JavaScript Jabber

Panel Aaron Frost (twitter github blog) Merrick Christensen (twitter github) Joe Eames (twitter github blog) Jamison Dance (twitter github blog)Discussion01:36 - Aaron Frost Introduction Web Developer at Domo 1.21 Gigawatts – Chromeapps with Angularjs and Node (Aaron Frost and Dave Geddes) JS.next: A Manager’s Guide by Aaron Frost02:21 - ECMAScript and JavaScript Brendan Eich talking about the Lord Of The Rings Comparison JScript ActionScript06:02 - TC39 on ECMA Notes from the TC39 Meetings06:44 - ECMAScript:Harmony09:59 - ES6 Features Arrow Functions/Lambdas Lexical Scoping Destructioning Spreading Sets & Maps Equivalent Detection Generators Binary Data12:17 - Arrow Functions14:23 - Data Proofing Functions15:35 - Destructuring Paths/Nested Destructuring Destructuring Patterns17:59 - Default Values18:49 - Rest & Default Parameters20:39 - Let Variable Hoisting Traceur Compiler grunt-traceur Let Expressions & Statements Blocks & Block Scopes temporal-dead-zone.js27:20 - Generators28:39 - The Module System29:48 - Template Strings32:05 - Aaron’s Opinion of Internet Explorer36:01 - Using ES6 Today Tracer Compiler39:18 - Designing a New LanguagePicks Pacific Rim (Joe) That Conference (Joe) PHOX (Merrick) Sqwiggle (Jamison) NodeConf (Jamison) Jon Hopkins - Immunity (Jamison) Tombstone (Aaron) Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience (Aaron)Book ClubJavaScript Allongé with Reginald Braithwaite! He will join us for an episode to discuss the book on August 1st. The episode will air on August 9th.Next WeekThe Application Cache with Jake ArchibaldTranscriptJAMISON: Are you guys going to do a doo-wop chorus? I feel like with you all sharing the same microphone, we need some sick vocal harmony.MERRICK: I wouldn’t mind starting a JS Jabber a cappella group.[Hosting and bandwidth provided by the Blue Box Group. Check them out at Bluebox.net.] [This episode is sponsored by Component One, makers of Wijmo. If you need stunning UI elements or awesome graphs and charts, then go to Wijmo.com and check them out.] JAMISON: Hey everybody and welcome to JavaScript Jabber Episode 68. I am your guest host, Jamison Dance. Chuck is at LoneStar Ruby Conf this week. We have Merrick Christensen.MERRICK: What’s up?JAMISON: We have Joe Eames.JOE: Hey there.JAMISON: And we have an incredibly special guest, Aaron Frost.AARON: Hello.MERRICK: [Laughter] What?JAMISON: And he is not British.AARON: Coming from across the pond.MERRICK: Once you’re gone, I’m going to start using that as my greeting.AARON: Well, I wish my name was like that one guy, the Allonge, Reginald Braithwaite.[Laughter]AARON: Where it’s like your name’s in British.JOE: Yes. Your accent, no. Oh, I would have my name be Benedict Cumberbatch.AARON: That’s pretty British too, that name.JOE: That’s a very British name, yeah.AARON: Wellington something.[Laughter]JAMISON: Then you would be the archduke of JavaScript.AARON: Yeah.JOE: Oh, that would be an awesome title.AARON: That’d be great. It’s a good title.MERRICK: So Jamison, do you want to talk about why we have Aaron on the show?JAMISON: Yeah, I was going to ask him to introduce himself.AARON: Oh, great. I’m a web developer at an awesome company called Domo.JOE: But what’s your official title?AARON: Officially, I don’t know. What are you playing at?[Laughter]AARON: Maybe an open web strategist.JOE: There you go.JAMISON: Social media expert?AARON: I don’t know. But I work on our UI team and we’re getting ready to push out a really awesome release that everyone’s going to love. I’m also an author. I’ve published a short book with O’Reilly in May and working on another book

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