067 JSJ Testem with Toby Ho

JavaScript Jabber

Panel Toby Ho (twitter github blog) Joe Eames (twitter github blog) Aaron Frost (twitter github blog) Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Ramp Up)Discussion00:53 - Aaron Frost Introduction Domo 1.21 Gigawatts - Chromeapps with Angularjs and Node (Aaron Frost and Dave Geddes)02:45 - Toby Ho Introduction testem Toby Ho - Testem: Interactive JS Test Runner Toby Ho: Better TDD Workflow via Exclusive Tests in Jasmine and Mocha03:06 - testem Autotest guard Jasmine Mocha QUnit Buster.JS PhantomJS node.js04:43 - Integration Tests 038 JSJ Jasmine with Justin Searls capybara06:32 - guard07:49 - The testem UI node-charm09:55 - The Browser Launcher11:40 - CI Mode Jenkins TeamCity12:27 - Is it a Global Installer? npm13:39 - Workflow Grub Filtering testem.json/testem.yml Devmode Exclusive Tests in Mocha Karma .only Console Logging21:27 - Debugging Git Hooks Minification25:25 - testem vs Karma AngularJS28:08 - Testing JavaScript Jasmine Mocha QUnit29:50 - Browsers Chrome30:54 - Configurations32:11 - Contributors Jake Verbaten (Raynos) Derek Brans Justin Searls David Mosher lineman33:33 - Grunt.js grunt-testem35:09 - Testing & TDD Bryan Liles: TATFT - Test All the F***in TimePicks The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson (Joe) Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (Aaron) Amazon Prime (Chuck) Big Bang Theory (Chuck) HandBrake (Chuck) Rails Conf 2013 The Magic Tricks of Testing by Sandi Metz (Toby) Giles Bowkett - Secrets Of Superstar Programmer Productivity: Flow (Toby)Book ClubJavaScript Allongé with Reginald Braithwaite! He will join us for an episode to discuss the book on August 1st. The episode will air on August 9th.Next WeekES Next with Aaron FrostTranscript[Hosting and bandwidth provided by the Blue Box Group. Check them out at BlueBox.net.] [This episode is sponsored by Component One, makers of Wijmo. If you need stunning UI elements or awesome graphs and charts, then go to Wijmo.com and check them out.] CHUCK: Hey everybody, and welcome to Episode 67 of the JavaScript Jabber Show. This week on our panel, we have Joe Eames.JOE: Hey there.CHUCK: We also have Aaron Frost filling in for us.AARON: Hello.CHUCK: And we have a special guest and that is Toby Ho.TOBY: Hi everyone.CHUCK: I’m Charles Max Wood from DevChat.TV. Guys, why don’t we have you introduce yourselves really quick? Let’s start with you, Aaron.AARON: Okay. So, I’m a frontend developer at Domo.JOE: Open-source evangelist.AARON: Well, you can call me whatever you want.[Laughter]AARON: I’ve worked here for a few months. I love it. I’m writing a book on the next version of ECMAScript and a dad with three kids. So yeah, that’s me.JOE: Aaron’s too modest. He’s also a big-time conference speaker. He’s a regular presenter at local user groups. And like I said before, he’s one of our evangelists, so he was hired as a really high-level frontend engineer here at Domo to help us take our JavaScript and frontend work into the next level, really.CHUCK: Yeah, I also showed up late to a workshop that he was putting on using Node and Twilio and that was pretty cool.JOE: Yeah, that thing has been the bomb. Also, Aaron’s presentation at Fluent Conf with Dave Geddes was apparently the hit of the entire show, the best received. The organizer said he thought it was definitely one of the best presentations done at Fluent Conf.AARON: Yeah. They said it was the most entertaining and Simon said he wished we could cut it down in ten minutes and that they had made us keynote, because it was pretty fun. We had a lot of fun with it.CHUCK: Cool.JOE: Yeah, it’s up on YouTube. We’ll put links in the show notes. It’s really great

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