061 JSJ Functional Reactive Programming with Juha Paananen and Joe Fiorini

JavaScript Jabber

Panel Juha Paananen (twitter github blog) Joe Fiorini (twitter github blog) AJ O’Neal (twitter github blog) Jamison Dance (twitter github blog) Joe Eames (twitter github blog) Merrick Christensen (twitter github) Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Ramp Up)Discussion01:20 - Joe Fiorini Introduction Interaction Developer at Designing Interactive in Cleveland, OH01:42 - Juha Paananen Introduction Software Developer at Reaktor in Helsinki, Finland02:30 - Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) vs Functional Programming 057 JSJ Functional Programming with Zach Kessin04:25 - Declarative Programming05:55 - Map and Filter07:05 - bacon.js Flapjax09:10 - Mapping and filtering event streams10:40 - Asynchronicity and Promises14:28 - Using FRP ReactiveCocoa Complex UIs TodoMVC with Bacon.js, Backbone.js and Transparency.js by pyykiss20:02 - Ember.js and FRP22:04 - MVC frameworks and FRP Juha Paananen: FRP, Bacon.js and stuff: Chicken, Egg and Bacon.js24:35 - Learning FRP25:49 - Where did FRP come from? What is (functional) reactive programming? - Stack Overflow Conal Elliott: Composing Reactive Animations Haskell Reactive-banana - HaskellWiki29:07 - Going beyond visual media substack/stream-handbook32:18 - Wrappers33:31 - How to build things with FRP libraries Juha Paananen @ MLOC.JS: Functional Reactive Programming in JavaScript using Bacon.jsPicks SlideShare: Functional Reactive Programming in JavaScript (AJ) Valve: The AI Systems of Left 4 Dead by Michael Booth (Jamison) programming is terrible (Jamison) Simple Made Easy: Rich Hickey (Jamison) AngularJS Fundamentals (Joe's Pluralsight Course) (Joe) Open Source Bridge (Joe) That Conference (Joe) Star Trek: Into Darkness (Joe) ServerBear (AJ) rainwave (AJ) rwbackend (AJ) Mesa Boogie Lone Star Guitar Amplifier (Merrick) backburner.js (Merrick) messageformat.js (Merrick) Digital Ocean (Chuck) Emacs (Chuck) emacs_libs (Chuck) Tmux (Chuck) GitLab (Chuck) Flight by Twitter (Joe F.) Ember.js (Joe F.) CodeMash (Joe F.) fantasy-land (Juha) The Bacon.js postings featuring Phil Roberts (Juha) Iron Sky (Juha) Reaktor Dev Day (Juha)Next WeekDojo with Dylan SchiemannTranscriptMERRICK: How come nobody acknowledges when I talk? What about that?JAMISON: That’s a deeper problem than a microphone.[Hosting and bandwidth provided by the Blue Box Group. Check them out at Bluebox.net.] [This episode is sponsored by Component One, makers of Wijmo. If you need stunning UI elements or awesome graphs and charts, then go to Wijmo.com and check them out.] CHUCK: Hey everybody, and welcome to Episode 61 of the JavaScript Jabber Show. This week on our panel, we have AJ O’Neal.AJ: Yo, yo, yo. Coming at you live from Iowa.CHUCK: Again?AJ: Oh, I guess I was there last time, huh? It’ll be New York soon.CHUCK: We have Jamison Dance.JAMISON: Howdy, guys.CHUCK: Joe Eames.JOE E: Hey there.CHUCK: Merrick Christensen.MERRICK: What’s up?CHUCK: I’m Charles Max Wood from DevChat.tv. This week, we have two special guests. We have Joe Fiorini.JOE F: Hello everyone.CHUCK: And Juha Paananen.JUHA: Yeah. Hi everybody. Juha Paananen.CHUCK: Thank you for straightening that up for me. We’re going to have you guys introduce yourself real quick, since you haven’t been on the show before. Joe, why don’t you start us off?JOE F: Sure. My name is Joe Fiorini and I am an Interaction Developer at Designing Interactive in Cleveland, Ohio. I do a decent amount of JavaScript development every week. I’ve discovered Functional Reactive Programming three or four months ago and it’s changed my world.CHUCK: Awesome. And Juha, do you want to introduce yourself as well?JUHA: Yeah, why not? I’m Juha. I’m from Finland. Helsinki

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