060 JSJ Development Environments

JavaScript Jabber

Panel AJ O’Neal (twitter github blog) Joe Eames (twitter github blog) Merrick Christensen (twitter github) Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Ramp Up)Discussion01:09 - Mac, Windows or Linux? tmux Emacs Homebrew DigitalOcean05:41 - Tools Jenkins CI TeamCity07:49 - Editors and IDEs Vim MacVim MacVim Alloy Fork The NERD tree Sublime Text Chocolat TextMate JetBrains WebStorm David Laing: Customise your .gitattributes to become a Git Ninja16:03 - Software & Tools cont’d Grunt.js RequireJS Test Runner Mocha Karma istanbul Compass Google Chrome Git Tower Kaleidoscope20:26 - Terminal Setups and Databases iTerm2 tmux tmuxinator oh-my-zsh bash-it nvm Homebrew MacPorts Postgres.app25:03 - Music Google Play Explosions in the Sky Sigur Rós Album Leaf Spotify OverClocked ReMix "Masters of Classical Music" on iTunes Joe Satriani Aurgasm30:04 - Equipment Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones Performance MX Mouse Ultrasone HFI-580 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional Headphones GOgroove BlueSYNC OR3 Rechargeable Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker32:17 - GitHub33:42 - Office Furniture Mirra Chair by Herman Miller Aeron Chair by Herman Miller VendorGear Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chair Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm37:42 - Laptop Bags Leather Round Satchel | Saddleback Leather Co. (Merrick’s Bag) Samsonite Leather Expandable Briefcase (Chuck’s Bag)39:45 - Vagrant VMware Fusion VirtualBox Parallels42:38 - Travel Equipment Anker Battery Pack D-Link SharePort Go Mobile Companion with Rechargeable Battery44:20 - Chrome DevTools Firebug45:11 - Task Management, Collaboration & Social Media Tweetbot OmniFocus Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen Asana Trello48:46 - Laptop Bags Cont’d Blue Novell Laptop BagPicks Aurgasm (Joe) MLS LIVE (Joe) The Michael J. Fox Show (Joe) Brett Victor - Drawing Dynamic Visualizations (Merrick) Rabbit Mini Portable Stand (Chuck) The Pragmatic Bookshelf (Chuck) Raspberry Pi (AJ) Pandaboard (AJ) Linaro (AJ)Next WeekReactive Functional Programming in Javascript with Juha Paananen and Joe FioriniTranscriptCHUCK: Are you un-indisposed?MERRICK: Oh, yeah. I’ve been un-indisposed for years now.[Hosting and bandwidth provided by the Blue Box Group. Check them out at Bluebox.net.] [This episode is sponsored by Component One, makers of Wijmo. If you need stunning UI elements or awesome graphs and charts, then go to Wijmo.com and check them out.] CHUCK: Hey everybody, and welcome to Episode 60 of the JavaScript Jabber Show. This week on our panel, we have AJ O’Neal.AJ: Yo! Coming at you live from roughly an hour outside of Philly.CHUCK: Awesome. We also have Joe Eames.JOE: Hey there.CHUCK: Merrick Christensen.MERRICK: Hey guys.CHUCK: And I’m Charles Max Wood from DevChat.tv. This week, we’re going to be talking about our development environments, setups, desk space, chairs, whatever. I’m really curious to see what way you guys have and what wisdom you have to offer.Yeah, let’s get into it. The first thing that I want to ask is, the semi-holy war between Windows machines and Macs and Linux machines. What are you guys all using for your development?MERRICK: I use Mac. I feel so lost anytime I’m on a Windows machine and set.AJ: I only use operating systems. So, the only two that I know of that are readily available are Mac and Linux.CHUCK: [Laughter] How about you, Joe?JOE: I use both, significantly.CHUCK: Both, meaning both Windows and Mac?JOE: OSX and Windows. I don’t use Linux.CHUCK: Awesome. I mostly use Macs

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