049 JSJ MooTools with Valerio Proietti and Arian Stolwijk

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Panel Valerio Proietti (twitter github) Arian Stolwijk (twitter github blog) Joe Eames (twitter github blog) Merrick Christensen (twitter github) Jamison Dance (twitter github blog) Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Ramp Up)Discussion01:08 - Arian Stolwijk Introduction MooTools Developer Symbaloo01:39 - Valerio Proietti Introduction MooTools Creator Spotify02:21 - What is MooTools? Github - MooTools07:04 - The Class System mootools / prime09:36 - Milk10:25 - Design Goals Ghost11:19 - Prime mootools / wrapup CommonJS14:18 - MooTools vs jQuery19:53 - Using MooTools and jQuery together Object Oriented jQuery with MooTools @jQuery Conference: Ryan Florence21:08 - MooTools for Frameworks epitome neuro Github - MooTools23:48 - Chaining MooTools Demos - Chaining26:59 - Request API for Ajax calls29:11 - Favorite MooTools-using Websites Spotify 9GAG29:45 - Accomplishments Class System wrapup arian / prime-util31:36 - The history of MooTools script.aculo.us moo.fxPicks Wasteland 2 (Joe) The Lost Fleet Series by Jack Campbell (Joe) MooTools (Merrick) People who can ride on airplanes for the first time (Merrick) ES6 Module Transpiler - Tomorrow's JavaScript module syntax today (Jamison) ajacksified / song-of-github (Jamison) Community Vote for OpenWest Conference 2013 (Jamison) walmartlabs / hapi (Jamison) Cornify (Chuck) Parade of Homes (Chuck) Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University (Chuck) Floby / node-libspotify (Valerio) visionmedia / superagent (Valerio) kamicane / moofx (Valerio) Why Mozilla Matters: Brendan Eich (Arian) Ubuntu (source code) (Arian)Next WeekQUnit with Jörn ZaeffererTranscriptMERRICK: Yeah, call me Mer-rock, I’m cool with that.[Hosting and bandwidth provided by the Blue Box Group. Check them out at Bluebox.net.][this episode is sponsored by component one, makers of wijmo. if you need stunning ui elements or awesome graphs and charts, then go to wijmo.com and check them out.]CHUCK: Hey, everybody and welcome to Episode 49 of the JavaScript Jabber Show. This week on our panel, we have Joe Eames.JOE: Howdy.CHUCK: We have Merrick Christensen. MERRICK: Hey, guys.CHUCK: Jamison Dance.JAMISON: Hello friends.CHUCK: And I'm Charles Max Wood from DevChat.tv. And I just want to remind you, if you're going to sign up for Rails Ramp Up, you have one week.We also have two special guests and that is Valerio ProiettiVALERIO: Hello.CHUCK: And Arian Stolwijk.ARIAN: Hello.CHUCK: And I think I got close on those names. Okay. So, why don't we have Arian go first? I'd like you just to introduce yourself really quickly for people who aren’t familiar with who you are?ARIAN: So, I’m Arian. I'm a MooTools developer mostly. Besides that, I work for a company called Symbaloo which is bookmark website page. Besides that, I'm actually still studying for my Master’s Degree in Embedded Systems. And that's about it.CHUCK: Cool. And Valerio, do you want to introduce yourself?VALERIO: Sure. Well, I created MooTools a few years ago and since then, a lot of cool people have joined the project like Arian who we have here today. I’m currently working in Sweden at Spotify.CHUCK: Oh, cool!MERRICK: Very cool!CHUCK: Yeah, we like Spotify.MERRICK: Is that the headquarters of Spotify is in Sweden?VALERIO: Yeah, this is the where the magic happens. They have other offices but they're not as important as the Swedish one.[Laughter]VALERIO: I'm kidding. Everybody’s important, not just the Swedish one.CHUCK: Very nice, very nice. Alright. So, do you guys want to just take a minute and explain what MooTools is? I think people have some idea, but just to get kind of a base line for the rest of the conversation.VALERIO: Yes

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