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Panel Jamison Dance (twitter github blog) AJ O’Neal (twitter github blog) Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Ramp Up)Discussion02:09 - Follow Up to 040 JSJ Conferences Broad Conferences vs Focused Conferences Utah Open Source/Open West Conference 201305:28 - Single Page Application Frameworks jQuery Backbone.js Ember.js pure.js plates.js AngularJS15:10 - Path & Hash Routing Pushstate/Popstate sammy.js jquery.bbq localStorage == cookies history.js22:23 - Synchronizing Your Data WebSocket Operational Transformation Lucidchart24:51 - WebSockets cURL Socket.IO32:44 - App Issues Memory38:52 - When do you want a Single Page App? Jade LESSPicks Simple (AJ) Coding for Interviews (Jamison) Empirical Zeal: What does randomness look like? (Jamison) Aeron Chair by Herman Miller (Chuck) Allrecipes.com (Chuck)Book Club Effective JavaScript by David HermanTranscriptAJ: Yeah, I think I'm 26 still, for another 6 months.CHUCK: Yeah. You have to count on your toes to figure it out.AJ: Yeah, twice actually. Because once I'm already bent over, I just keep counting on my toes. I don't start back at my fingers.CHUCK: [laughs][hosting and bandwidth provided by the blue box group. check them out at bluebox.net.][This episode is sponsored by Component One, makers of Widge Mo. If you need stunning UI elements or awesome graphs and charts, then go to WidgeMo.com and check them out.]CHUCK: Hey everybody and welcome to Episode 41 of the JavaScript Jabbers show. I almost said Ruby Rogues. How tired am I?JAMISON: Don't cheat on us, Chuck.CHUCK: It's right after Christmas.JAMISON: We know you have another family but we love you when we have you.CHUCK: Oh, my gosh! Yeah, we had family here for two days and my wife panics when people are coming over and has to have the house immaculate. And then she kept getting tired or sick or having some other issues. So, I kept forcing her to go to bed and then staying up until 2:00 AM, cleaning the house. So, I’m totally worn out.Anyway, so this is JavaScript Jabber, it's not Ruby Rogues. If you want Ruby Rogues, go to RubyRogues.com and see what we were talking about over there.Last week, we talked about conferences and I know that AJ wanted to say something. I guess we usually do the introductions first. So, let's do that and then let AJ say his piece and then we’ll move onto our topic for today.So, this week on our panel, we have Jamison Dance.JAMISON: Hi, guys! Merry Belated Christmas.CHUCK: We have AJ O'Neil.AJ: Yo! Yo! Yo! Coming at you from the green Christmasphere of Virginia.CHUCK: Oh, you're in Virginia?AJ: Yes, I am. Visiting family.CHUCK: Cool. And I'm Charles Max Wood from DevChat.tv. I just want to put a quick plug in for my Rails course. If you want to learn Ruby on Rails, go to RailsRampUp.com. It's kind of a guided course and you get a lot of access to me to learn it.So AJ, what was it that you wanted to chime in with, with the conferences that we couldn't get you in last week to say?AJ: Okay. So, both Merrick and myself have had this same experience. So, we were talking about having the broad conference versus the focused conference, the broad talk or workshop versus the more focused one. And we both have come to the conclusions that having it more focused is better. With the conference, it's fun to go to a broad conference but even in that, like it’s nice to have the focused talks like the ‘Utah Open Source Conference’ which this year is ‘Open West Conference’. It's expanding out and they've got some big surprise. I'm guessing they got some nice speakers. And the call for papers for that opens on January 2nd supposedly. So, that's a really nice conference but it's broad but it’s still fun.

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