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Panel Trevor Tingey (twitter blog) Joe Eames (twitter github blog) Tim Caswell (twitter github howtonode.org) Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Ramp Up)Discussion01:16 - Conferences Attended Visual Studio Live (VS Live) (Joe) Utah Open Source (Joe & Chuck) Utah JS (Joe) MountainWest RubyConf (Trevor & Chuck) JSConf (Trevor) UberConference (Trevor) Web 2.0 (Trevor) RailsConf (Chuck) RubyConf (Chuck) Aloha Ruby Conference (Chuck) New Media Expo (Chuck)03:24 - Preparing/Planning for Conferences08:39 - Chatting with Others/Making Contacts at Conferences Hackathons Social Activities14:36 - Hackathons/Code Retreats/Workshops Global Day of Coderetreat DevTeach28:46 - Methodology Conferences Agile Roots22:42 - Industry Conferences vs Local/Regional Conferences Multiple Tracks Networking28:12 - Making the Most out of Sessions Taking Notes Follow Along in Code Sessions Seating Choice33:02 - Lightning Talks Speaking Exposure35:37 - Speaking at Conferences (Tim Joins) Veteran Speakers vs Unique Speakers41:00 - Submitting Proposals Interesting Title42:56 - Mistakes People Make Speaking at Conferences Underestimating Time Practice Your Talk Be Excited45:24 - Preparing Slides Bullet Points Color/Contrast50:03 - Watch Your AudiencePicks The Hobbit (Joe) RiffTrax (Joe) Pluralsight (Joe) Blue Microphones: Yeti (Tim) Closure Compiler Service (Chuck) Headline Hacks (Chuck) Once Upon a Time (Trevor) Sublime Text 2 (Trevor) Jack Reacher (Trevor) Foo Fighters (Trevor)TranscriptCHUCK: From the meat lockers of Domo.[This episode today is sponsored by Component One. Makers of Wijmo. If you need stunning UI elements or awesome graphs and charts then go to Wijmo.com and check them out.][hosting and bandwidth provided by the blue box group. check them out at bluebox.net.] CHUCK: Hey everybody and welcome to episode 40 of the JavaScript Jabber Show. This week on our panel, we have Joe Eames.JOE: Howdy!CHUCK: I’m Charles Max Wood from devchat.tv and we have a special guest, that’s Trevor Tingey.TREVOR: Hello.CHUCK: He’s joining us from Domo. We had some folks on vacation and stuff and we were short a few people. So, Joe invited one of his co-workers. I don’t really have co-workers per se since I’m doing contract stuff most of the time. Anyway...JOE: Is your cat your co-worker, Chuck?CHUCK: What was that?JOE: Is your cat your co-worker?CHUCK: I don’t have a cat.JOE: A dog?CHUCK: Nope, I don’t have a dog either. I’m allergic to cats. But yeah, no cats.Anyway, we’re going to talk this week about making the most of conferences. I’m a little curious, what conferences have you guys been able to attend over the last few years or over your career?JOE: I was a Microsoft developer before I went fully front end. So I went to several Microsoft development conferences, VS Live was probably my favorite one. Recently, I’ve been to the Utah Open Source conference and the Utah JavaScript conference, really liked those.CHUCK: Yeah, the local conferences are fun. What about you, Trevor?TREVOR: I’ve been to a lot of conferences. Recently, I went to the Mountain West Ruby Conference. That was entertaining. I went to the JavaScript, JS Conf and that was the first Node Conf also was kind of dependent on the end of the JS Conf and that was up in Portland. I really liked that one. Like Joe, I used to do some Microsoft stuff. So, I’ve been to Microsoft before and several other ones in between, Uber Conf, Web 2.0 in New York.JOE: Does Comdex count? I went to Comdex once. [laughs]CHUCK: Yeah, I didn’t really start going to conferences until I gotten into Ruby. So, most of the conferences I’ve been to were Ruby related, though I did go the Utah Open Source and some of those. Yeah

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