029 JSJ Bower.js with Alex MacCaw and Jacob Thornton

JavaScript Jabber

Panel Alex MacCaw (twitter github blog) Jacob Thornton (Fat) (twitter github blog) AJ O’Neal (twitter github blog) Jamison Dance (twitter github blog) Joe Eames (twitter github blog) Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Intro to CoffeeScript)Discussion Bower.js (web) Bower.js (twitter) Bower.js (github) SXSW Package managers ender-js BPM hem Benefits Small components Yeoman.io Browserify Dependencies Segmenting the community Transports Mozilla (github) Commands Building an actual package manager node.js Moving parts of a package manager Events Challenges Ember.js Mobile web application development Google Chrome apps Desktop apps in JavaScriptPicks Kershaw Ken Onion Tactical Blur Folding Knife (AJ) The xx: Coexist (Jamison) Neil Armstrong’s Solemn but Not Sad Memorial Cathedral (Jamison) Collective Soul Cat (Jamison) Amazon Prime (Joe) Star Trek Original Series on Amazon Prime (Joe) Functional Programming Principles in Scala: Martin Odersky (Joe) Domo (hiring!) (Joe) Delegation in Google (Chuck) Civilization IV (Chuck) Fujitsu ScanSnap (Chuck) Bill Nye’s Twitter Account getting suspended was not cool (Jacob) Github + Twitter profile redesign (Jacob) Avoid 7/11 Hot Dog Flavored Chips (Jacob) The Big Picture (Alex) CoffeeScriptRedux (Alex) Stripe (Alex

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