Episode 67: Cultivating Community Projects Through Vue with Amina Foon

Enjoy the Vue

Did you know that if your doctor looks like you, you’re likely to have better health outcomes? Well, it’s true, and Amina Foon, our guest on today’s show, is on a mission to ensure that black people have access to black doctors, through the website she is currently building with Vue. Her site is called Doc Like Me, and it is, very excitingly, about to go into the beta testing phase. In today’s episode, Amina explains how she ended up in the tech world after studying biology and then going to medical school for two years, and the factors which drove her to combine these two passions and create Doc Like Me. Amina also explains why she decided to use Vue to build her website, as opposed to React, which she had prior experience with. Our conversation today also strays down the path of whether or not closing tabs is a good idea, questionable ways of using two-way binding, and the numerous issues that Grammarly causes. But the main focus is on Amina and her fantastic ideas that Vue is helping her bring to life, so tune in today to hear it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why Amina started using Vue for the site that she is building, Doc Like Me.
  • What drove Amina to start building Doc Like Me.
  • Amina’s passions for medicine and technology and how she is combining the two through the work that she does.
  • Why Amina decided to go to a coding boot camp when she left medical school.
  • Three main libraries/frameworks that Amina learned at boot camp.
  • The difficulty is differentiating between a framework and a library.
  • Questionable things that the hosts have done with regard to two-way binding in Vue.
  • Console log versus debugger.
  • Numerous issues that can be caused by Grammarly.
  • Differencing stances on closing tabs.
  • Why Amina decided Vue would be a better option than React or Webpack.
  • Amina’s experience with Vue 2 and Vue 3.
  • Goals that Amina has for her project, Doc Like Me, that she is building in Vue.
  • The website which inspired Amina to create Doc Like Me.
  • What Amina’s next step is in the process of creating Doc Like Me.
  • A second side project that Amina is currently working on.
  • Today’s picks include games, movies, books, clothes, and even flavored sparkling water!


  • “One of the things that had really driven me into medicine was just the health disparities, knowing that for reasons beyond a person’s control, that they were going to have worse health outcomes. I wanted to be that person that would try to make a difference. That’s what I’m trying to do with technology.” — @aminafoon [0:01:53]
  • “The fact that I was able to get up and running in one weekend is just a testament of how quickly you can get a project started and going in Vue.” — @aminafoon [0:22:27]

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Special Guest: Amina Foon.

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