Episode 63: Did You Enjoy the Vue, Cassidoo?

Enjoy the Vue

At this point, it is probably clear that we are all huge Vue fans here at Enjoy the Vue, but we wanted to know how it holds up in the eyes of someone who doesn’t use it. That is why we decided to get Cassidy Williams on the show to talk about her recent foray into our favorite framework. Cassidy is on the developer experience team at Netlify and most of her coding gets done in React and Next.js. However, she agreed to give Vue a run for its money and decided to learn the framework by building a counter and to-do list application. We get into the nuts and bolts of templates, styling, list splicing, selectors, and more within Vue, talking to Cassidy about which parts felt intuitive versus confusing or frustrating. At the end of the day, each framework will have its own syntax, and the more used to it you are, the easier developing in it will become! However, there were more than a few Vue features that, in Cassidy’s opinion, seemed too easy to be true and she also gives us her feedback about what it was like digging into the docs. As always, we wrap up our chat with our picks for the week, so expect to hear about some super cool games, books, snacks, and more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing Cassidy, her favorite frameworks, and her road into tech.
  • Understanding more about React and how Next.js fits into it.
  • Discussing other JS frameworks like Nuxt and Vite.
  • Making a counter and a to-do list in Vue; Cassidy’s experience with this new framework.
  • How making a counter in Vue would compare to doing it in React.
  • Loops, event bubbling, and deleting things from lists in Vue.
  • Setting up a new Vue app versus a new React one.
  • Using CSS modules versus styles in the component in Vue.
  • Different shortcuts in Vue such as the dollar, pound, and v-bind.
  • Issues around interpolation using string quotation marks rather than curly braces.
  • Highs and lows of Cassidy’s experience with the Vue docs.
  • How to find Cassidy online and read her newsletter too.
  • The week’s picks: Albanese gummy bears and more!


  • “I admit some of Vue, I was just like, it works and it felt magical to the point where I was just like, ‘It almost feels wrong. I need to suffer a little more to make this work.’” — @cassidoo [0:08:43]
  • “Luckily, I know enough React that I don't have to go to the docs anymore because I don't like them. So, in comparison, the Vue docs are great.” — @cassidoo [0:34:55]
  • “I enjoyed the Vue.” — @cassidoo [0:36:19]

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Special Guest: Cassidy Williams.

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