Episode 59: Live Streaming Our Way to a More Welcoming Internet with Liz Phillips

Enjoy the Vue

Today’s guest is Liz Phillips, a software engineer, and Twitch streamer. Liz is creating an approachable, judgment-free community where software engineers of all levels can come together to learn, share, and create cool projects. She currently has a Twitch channel where she primarily codes projects from scratch while answering any questions viewers have about the process or software engineering, design, and learning in general.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The panel shares their own experiences of streaming, from remote meetings to gaming.
  • Liz shares how she got into streaming, what she streams, and what she loves about it.
  • The benefits of learning something, live, on the internet, and embracing the process.
  • How live coding makes Liz a better pair programmer and helps her in interviews.
  • Her advice for getting your streaming set up right: start incrementally and build over time.
  • Why Twitch can be an intimidating place for those who aren’t familiar with it.
  • Using her platform for important issues, how she has dealt with bad actors and trolls, and why she doesn’t believe in “apolitical spaces.”
  • The importance of having trusted moderators in a space that can be toxic.
  • The everyone-is-welcome, no-gatekeeping environment Liz tries to cultivate on her channel.
  • Hear about the geolocation-based, anonymous, secret-sharing app Liz remade with Vue.
  • Some of the benefits for Liz of using Vue for that project rather than React or Gatsby.
  • How routing in Vue is simpler than nearly any other alternative library.


  • “I want people to see what it’s like when an engineer actually sits down to work because you almost never just sit down and code for two minutes and get something working. You code for two minutes and you get stuck. Then you read some docs and then you try something else.” — @lizcodes [0:06:49]
  • “I use my platform to talk about issues I think are important, because I feel it’s not worth it to have a platform if I’m not going to try to educate people or create a space to share issues. I don’t believe in apolitical spaces.” — @lizcodes [0:16:38]
  • “I have a goal to try to create a no-gatekeeping environment.” — @lizcodes [0:24:48]

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Special Guest: Liz Phillips.

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