Episode 50: Teaching Computer Science & Preparing to Enter the Workforce with Professor Eva Sofianos

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On today’s show, we speak with Eva Sofianos, computer science professor and an advocate for empowering disadvantaged students. As a lecturer at Lehman, Eva has faced many challenges and has swiftly adapted to the changes brought about by the pandemic. In today’s show, we speak with Eva about these challenges, her thoughts on the Java-Python match-up, and much more. After hearing about how she creates material for her students, Eva expands on her day-to-day tasks and touches on her hybrid approach to teaching. Following this, Eva walks us through some of the courses she teaches, like internet programming, Java, HTML, and CSS to name a few. Eva maintains that while coursework is beneficial, true learning takes place outside the classroom. We find out from Eva why Java is the preferred medium over Python. She goes on to list the range of benefits before she tells us more about the advantages of her program. Eva then tells us what goes into course design, as well as how she creates opportunities for people with limiting backgrounds. At the end of the show, we find out from both Eva and Brian, our panel expert, what they appreciate about their tech educational backgrounds. To close, listeners will delight in this week’s top picks! Tune in with us today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, Eva Sofianos.
  • Eva tells us a little bit more about herself.
  • Some of the challenges Eva is facing teaching her students remotely.
  • Eva talks about her day-to-day tasks as a remote lecturer.
  • Hear about the other courses Eve teaches at the college.
  • Why Java is the preferred choice for learning institutions across the United States.
  • The advantages of going through Eva’s degree program.
  • What it’s like behind the scenes as a lecturer.
  • How Eva creates opportunities for people with limiting backgrounds.
  • Eva shares how you can make a transition from Java to Python.
  • Areas outside of coding where Eva provides value to her students.
  • What Brian and Eva appreciate about their tech educational background.
  • Stay tuned for this week’s picks!


  • “I look forward to the day that we will all be back in the classroom together. They're trying. I'm trying. We're all trying together. I do see how challenging it is from the student’s perspective.” — @EvaSofianos [0:04:50]
  • “When you graduate you do know a lot more than when you started, but if you don't go out and explore further, you'll never be able to really learn. It's on-the-job that you really learn things.” — @EvaSofianos [0:09:29]
  • “Getting a bachelor's in computer science is much more than just being able to program. It's understanding the connection between the hardware and the software.” — @EvaSofianos [0:18:14]
  • “Find what you love, if you're lucky enough to be able to work hard and be in that industry, whatever it is, you can have a happy and successful career life.” — @EvaSofianos [0:44:10]

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Special Guest: Eva Sofianos.

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