Episode 47: New in Vue 3: Teleport

Enjoy the Vue

In this episode of Enjoy the Vue we unpack Vue 3's new feature, Teleport! The discussion starts off with a basic overview and a few thoughts on how to approach the feature before the team dive into some areas of confusion that have been noted so far. Tessa is the only one to have really spent any proper time with Teleport so far and we hear from her about some of the surprises and questions she has had concerning style, child-parent relationships, and teleports with multiple destinations. We also touch on Tessa's talk from November at VueConf Toronto, so make sure to check that out if you have the chance! Of course this chat fits into the larger conversation about Vue 3 and we manage to fit in some time on changes to expect with the latest version and why some features will be missing. To finish off, Ben weighs in with his brief experiences of using Teleport thus far, before we dive into this week's round of picks! The team share selections of gadgets, entertainment and more, so tune in to get that, and everything else too, on Enjoy the Vue!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Brief definitions and an overview of how the team thinks about Teleport.
  • Identifying some common points of confusion around teleporting on Vue.
  • Thinking about problems from the inside out and the issue of multiple destinations.
  • Styling using Teleport; which parts determine the style?
  • Helpful notifications around completed tasks and the time this can save.
  • Considering the variety of Teleport use cases and which make the most sense.
  • Some important details about Tessa's talk at VueConf Toronto in November.
  • Using portal-vue on Vue 3 and why this can still be useful.
  • New additions and disappearances in Vue 3 and the reasons for the changes.
  • Ben's early experience of Teleport so far — things that have him excited about Vue 3.
  • Today's picks from Tess, Ben, and Ari!


  • “I think of Teleport as a way to decouple a piece of the template from a component in a single file component and basically tell it where to show up on the actual page.” — @enjoythevuecast [0:00:36]
  • “I’m just basically trying things out and figuring out how Teleport works based on what's not working in all those experiments.” — @enjoythevuecast [0:02:46]
  • “You can send multiple teleports to the same destination, but it's still technically multiple points of origin, not a single point of origin.” — @enjoythevuecast [0:20:08]

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