Episode 4: JAMming, MCing, Vuex & More with Divya Sasidharan

Enjoy the Vue

In this week's episode, we have the honor of having the amazing Divya Sasidharan (@shortdiv) on to chat with us about her recent JAMuary writing challenge, what it's like to MC a major conference, hosting a workshop, and more!

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Enjoy the Vue – Episode 4

In this episode of Enjoy the Vue we sit down with Divya Sasidharan. Divya will be the Master of Ceremonies at Vue.js in Amsterdam, and just weeks after she is hosting a workshop on “Vue State Management with Vuex” at VueConfUS in Austin. Divya is currently a Developer Advocate at Netlify. She believes that there is a better workflow for building and deploying sites that doesn’t require a server…just ask her about the JAMstack. We chat with her about emceeing, blogging, hosting a workshop, and JAMstack.

[00:01:51] Divya talks about her involvement in the VueConf’s coming up. Vue.js in Amsterdam and VueConf US where she is hosting a workshop. She gives us a quick peek into this intro to Vuex workshop. At Vue.js she is the emcee.
[00:05:32] Chris digs deeper into emceeing (vs giving talks or hosting workshops) and what it takes to do it. Divya goes into how it was a natural evolution for her.
[00:15:55] Chris circles back to the Vuex Workshop that Divya is hosting. She explains how it grew out of previous talks she was doing. Divya likes the fact that there is much more interactivity when doing workshops, vs talks where it’s pretty much a one-way conversation. There are also time constraints when giving talks. A workshop provides so much more freedom.
[00:24:02] Elizabeth was following Divya’s JAMuary posts about JAMstack. Divya created a series, which involved sharing thoughts and insights about JAMstack on a daily basis.
[00:34:12] Divya explains what JAMstack is...Javascript, API, and Markup. It’s about building sites as statically as possible. She goes in depth into JAMstack.


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Special Guest: Divya Sasidharan.

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