Episode 22: Enjoy the VueNYC (Part 2 of 2)

Enjoy the Vue

Welcome to Enjoy the Vue! Today, we have the second part of the Meta episode of Enjoy the Vue. We have VueNYC meetup organizers, Matt and Ringo joining us. Ringo is a web developer and helps with VueNYC Meetup. Matt is one of the organizers of the Vue Meetup for VueNYC and also an amateur AV tech. In this episode the panelists answer questions from people in Slack Chat. Also, one of our panelists answers a question in a Batman voice! Download this episode now to find out who it was.

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Show Notes

[00:00:47] The live questions have started on Slack Chat, and the first question asked is what are your impressions of Vite and Vite Press?

[00:01:49] Since Nuxt and the content module is stable, what kind of markdown editor do you suggest?

[00:02:37] Speaking of projects, what projects do you think are best for Gridsome and what’s the most interactive type of site you might make with Gridsome?

[00:03:46] It’s question three, so time for a promised Batman voice reveal☺. For a progressive web app, where PWA, that would be largely used on a phone, how would you make the decision between making a Vue app versus a Nuxt app? Batman answers!

[00:04:45] What’s your take on Vite and will it be the future where build time will be much lower?

[00:05:41] Have any of you guys used GraphQL with Vue projects and what did you think of it?

[00:08:55] Ben talks about composing requests.

[00:11:56] What’s it like being on the Vuejs core team, what are the team’s workflows like, and how often does the team meet?

[00:14:33] When writing software what is the best way to identify the design pattern that works best for your application and how do you go about coming up with the best way to structure the project?

[00:25:52] For what kinds of projects would you suggest using Typescript? Is it only for big projects or can you also use it for smaller projects?


Picks of the week:
[00:36:01] Ari’s pick is a song called “Storm” by Godspeed You! Black Emperor.
[00:36:31] Chris has four picks: Community (TV show-I know I’m late to the party). Also, a book called, “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle, Miro, a flowcharting web app, and a podcast called, We Have Concerns.
[00:38:15] Matt’s pick is a book called, “An Elegant Puzzle,” about the art of managing in software companies.
[00:38:32] Ringo’s pick is Sky, an adventure game (Android, IOS)
[00:38:52] Ben’s pick is Whimsical- Wireframe/Whiteboard Collaboration
[00:39:34] Tessa’s has two picks: A book called, “The Manager’s Path,” by Camille Fournier and a show called, Lost in Space, on Netflix.

Resources mentioned:
Enjoy the Vue-Episode 16 (feat. Jack Koppa)
Joi-The most powerful data validation library for JS
GloomyLumi Twitter
GloomyLumi Twitch
“Storm” by Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Community-TV show
“Untamed” by Glennon Doyle
We Have Concerns-podcast
“An Elegant Puzzle”
Sky adventure game
“The Manager’s Path” by Camille Fournier
Lost in Space-Netflix

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