Episode 21: Enjoy the VueNYC (Part 1 of 2)

Enjoy the Vue

Welcome to Enjoy the Vue! Today, we have a special Meta episode of Enjoy the Vue. We have VueNYC meetup organizers, Matt and Ringo joining us. Ringo is a web developer and helps with VueNYC Meetup. Matt is one of the organizers of the Vue Meetup for VueNYC and also an amateur AV tech. The panelists discuss what’s it’s like to run a podcast, what kind of podcasts they were listening to before coming on the show, and what inspired them to create their own podcast. They also discuss what their goals, challenges, and tips are to start a podcast.

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Show Notes

[00:01:23] We start off by talking about everyone’s general podcast experiences and what kind of podcasts everyone was listening to before they were on their own podcast. Also, what inspired them to create their own podcasts and what were their goals?

[00:15:59] The panelists talk about how the podcast has evolved over the years, episodes, months, or iterations.

[00:24:14] Tessa asks the panelists if they listen to podcasts differently now that they’re on one pretty much every week?

[00:29:59] Ringo and Matt talk about how their podcasts listening habits have changed since they listen to a lot of podcasts.

[00:32:30] The panelists share what their challenges have been in making the podcast.

[00:36:51] The panelists give their pro tips if somebody wants to start their own podcast.



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