Episode 18: Reusable Components

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Welcome to Enjoy the Vue! Today is a panelists episode, your HEROES! The topic today is all about Reusable Components. Find out why props are good for some things some of the time, and it’s especially good for situations where you want to set some kind of best practice, but then having too many props is bad. Slots, Maps, Buttons, and Mixins are discussed as well. Also, find out why Ari said, “Can we throw out any code that doesn’t bring us joy?” ☺.

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Show Notes

[00:01:22] The panelists each tell us what a Reusable Component is.

[00:6:20] Chris puts an open-ended question out there to the panelists as to when are props good and when are they bad? When have you regretted using props for what kinds of use cases and when are they appropriate? Ari and Tessa both share stories.

[00:08:05] When are props useful and when would you want to use a prop over a slot? The panelists all discuss.

[00:19:04] Chris talks about creating a map, map components, map markers component, map layer component, and provide and inject. There was a good talk on the topic of provide and inject using the map example at ConnectTech 2019.

[00:21:31] Chris talks about an example using icon components.

[00:26:05] Chris goes into “buttons” for forms, such as a submit button, search button, and inline buttons and Tessa shares some issues with generic components.

[00:29:51] Chris asks the panelists if they’ve used “Mixins?” They have a discussion about it with “mixed” reviews.

[00:38:50] As a member and representative of the Vue team, Ben tells us some things people should know about the Composition API since Vue 3 has not come out yet.

Picks of the week:
[00:43:32] Ari has two picks: A show called, “Mythic Quest,” on Apple TV Plus. Her second pick is having generous friends if you’re playing Animal Crossing. She did a shout-out to Tessa and Ben who both helped her out this week.
[00:45:13] Ben has two picks: A song by Joel Corry called, “Lonely.” His second pick is a show on HBO called, “Westworld-Season 3.”
[00:46:06] Tessa’s pick is an article in the New York Times called, “Why Zoom is Terrible,” based on a talk they had on last week’s episode, with special guest Debbie O’Brien.
[00:46:39] Chris’s pick is: “Supernatural VR on the Quest,” which is similar to Beat Saber.


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Connect.Tech 2019
Components Basics
Reusable Components with Props
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“Mythic Quest”
“Animal Crossing”
“Lonely”-Joel Corry
“Westworld”-Season 3
“Why Zoom Is Terrible”-NY Times
“Supernatural VR on the Quest”
Dependency Injection in Vue - Alex Riviere

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