Episode 10: Web Accessibility with Maria Lamardo

Enjoy the Vue

In this episode, we have special guest, Maria Lamardo, who is the Front End Engineer at Pendo. She recently spoke at VueConf with Ben Hong and they were dressed in pink dinosaur outfits and Maria skated! Maria goes in depth about accessibility focus tools, and how she got into the Vue community, which is a passion of hers. Other topics brought up are color with accessibility, CUID, Vimium, and Focus Indicator.

[00:03:38] Maria explains the resources that people should know about, tools, and techniques in the accessibility space.

[00:08:55] Color issues are touched on with accessibility tools and how to deal with it. An app called, “Color Oracle,” is brought up to help for the color impaired.

[00:12:44] Chris mentions a utility that is very useful called, CUID, which generates unique ideas.

[00:16:12] A trick is explained that is very useful if you don’t want attributes to be passed and a Chrome extension called Vimium is mentioned.

[00:23:00] Maria saw a really great talk at an Accessibility Conference by CB Averitt that you should check out.

[00:28:21] Chrome has an extension called, Focus Indicator, that Maria says, “It’s really cute.” Hear what it does.

[00:29:57] The topic of accessibility “faux pas” of touch devices is discussed.

[00:36:35] If you’re having to retrofit an app with accessibility find out where you can start and where are places you can go to get easy wins.

[00:41:13] Accessible design from the beginning was touched on earlier, but now the discussion is on the bigger picture with layouts.

[00:44:37] Screen readers and compatibility is touched on as well as WCAG resources which have really good coding examples.

[00:47:33] If you want to see a cool YouTube series go check out Rob Dodson’s “A11ycasts!”

Picks of the week:
[00:50:05] Ari has two picks: A song called “The Light,” by The Album Leaf. Also, a song called, “Da Funk,” by Daft Punk.
[00:50:33] Chris has two picks: A game called, “Disco Elysium,” and to protect against the COVID-19 virus using scarves and bandanas instead of surgical masks.
[00:54:40] Elizabeth’s pick is a keyboard shortcut on VS code, Ctrl+G, on Mac and Windows.
[00:56:57] Maria’s pick is that she let her dog lead her on a walk recently and he led them to a secret new dog park inside their neighborhood and it has changed her life!
[00:58:01] Ben has two picks: Check out Maria’s talk at VueConf on Vue Mastery and the tv show, “Survivor” Season 33: Millennials Vs. Gen-X.

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“The Light” by The Album Leaf
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Special Guest: Maria Lamardo.

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