115 | Everything-as-a-Service


Jonathan joins James to talk about Superstarter and all things time, money, marketing, and business that go along with it.

Jonathan Wilke joins to talk about his building products, favorite developer tools, and his personal side project, Supastarter.



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Show Notes

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:09 Welcome Jonathan
  • 02:23 Full Time Job and Side Projects
  • 06:40 Iterations of Tools
  • 08:51 What is Superstarter?
  • 16:09 T3 Starter
  • 18:07 Building Stuff In
  • 24:41 Pricing
  • 34:58 Sponsor: Daily.dev
  • 35:59 Marketing Strategy
  • 41:37 Tech Stack
  • 42:57 Stripe Integration
  • 44:43 Developer Connection
  • 50:25 Picks and Plugs

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