S8:E1 - From police recruit to developer (Tim Heuer)

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In high school, Tim wanted to be a police officer. But after becoming a police recruit and making very little money, he decided to pursue other options. He talks about how that decision eventually led him to Microsoft, and how he navigated his career.

Tim Heuer really wanted to be a police officer, so he started down that track and became a police recruit. But after facing the reality that police recruits don't get paid much and wanting to settle down with a lady he was seeing, he decided to look for other ways to make money. He got a temp job doing basic data entry, and that kicked off his long winding path to the world of coding. He tells us how he eventually became a principal at Microsoft, and what helped him navigate his career.

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Tim Heuer

Tim works as an advocate for developer experiences using Microsoft technologies. Prior to working in cloud development, Tim spent years developing UI framework technologies for desktop and mobile applications. He is always a champion for simplicity and ease for the developer and loves developer tooling more than anything!

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