S6:E3 - What’s it like to code for NASA? (Jesslyn Tannady)

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Jesslyn worked with NASA to build a navigation tool for space, kinda like Google Maps for astronauts. She shares how she did it and what she's learned along the way.

Jesslyn worked with NASA to build an app for astronauts. She and a small team used augmented reality to create a navigation tool, much like Google Maps for space. Building it meant learning new tools, even traveling to a volcano to test it out. But most of what she built, she learned on the job. She tells us how she did it, what she's learned about leveling up in a short amount of time, and how she got started on her coding journey.

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Jesslyn Tannady

Jesslyn works at Ctrl-labs on technology that allows you to control computers and robots using your brain. In a past life, she organised hackathons (wellesleyhacks.org) and developed augmented reality navigation tools for Mars astronauts at NASA BASALT.

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