S6:E2 - From librarian to developer (Hayley Swimelar)

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Hayley was a librarian studying to be a web developer when she met the company that would hire her for her first technical role. But instead of web development, she was working in a world she knew nothing about: storage software.

Hayley works with storage software. But before that job, she had no idea what storage software even was. In fact, at the time, she was a librarian working towards becoming a web developer. Then one day, she visited a booth at OSCON, a huge conference on open source, where she met the company that would end up hiring her for her first technical role in storage software. She talks about what it was like to transition from librarian to developer, and gives us an intro to the world of storage software.

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Hayley Swimelar

Hayley is a software engineer living in sunny Portland, Oregon. Originally trained as a librarian, she found new opportunities by learning how to code.

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