S2:E1 - How she built a mobile app to help victims of domestic violence (Alicia Carr)

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Alicia Carr shares how to she created Pevo, an app to help women get out of domestic violence, and the technical and personal challenges that came with creating the app.

Alicia Carr grew up surrounded by domestic violence. So when she learned about coding, she decided to build a mobile app to help women escape domestic abuse. Her app, Pevo, got the attention of Apple, who featured her in their WWDC promo video. She shares the technical challenges of building this app, the personal challenge of learning to believe in herself, and how she learned the skills to bring this app to life.

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Alicia Carr

Alicia V. Carr, is director of Women Who Code and a self taught mobile developer that create a domestic violence app dedicated to helping victims escape abuse. She knew she had to utilize her acquired skills as a developer to make a difference.

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