S11:E6 - What are the pros and cons of working in civic tech (Aidan Feldman)

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It's no secret that government tech can be very underwhelming, but why is that? Who are the people working to make it better? And what does it take to excel in the civic space?

In this episode, we’re talking about civic tech with Aidan Feldman, Technology Director at General Service Administration’s Technology Transformation Services. We get into the pros and cons, and hurdles and hoops of working in civic tech, as well as the skills you need if you want a career in it.

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Aidan Feldman

Aidan Feldman is the Technology Director at the Technology Transformation Services (TTS), where he supports the programs and people that transform how government uses technology. Previously, Aidan worked at startups like GitHub and Artsy, and has taught software development at places like Cornell, New York University, and General Assembly.

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