S11:E4 - How to get into game development (Jonathan Jennings)

CodeNewbie Podcast

Jonathan Jennings, software engineer at RelayCars, tells us what it takes to win at game development.

In this episode, we’re talking about game development with Jonathan Jennings, software engineer at RelayCars. We get into how he got into game design, the struggles of learning to code, and what it takes to be a successful game designer.

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Jonathan Jennings

Jonathan Jennings is a software engineer who works in the AR, VR, and video game spaces. He currently works at RelayCars developing Automotive VR and AR applications. He’s been a speaker at the Blacks In Tech Conference, Urban Tech Connect, and multiple colleges. His first published essay, Black Unicorn, is available to read in the book Game Devs & Others : Tales From The Margins. He’s been involved in multiple development roles including rapid prototyping, core mechanic programming, user Interface engineering, multiplayer programming, and publishing processes for release, among others. He has over 8 years of development across both games and VR / MR / AR applications experience and titles he has worked on have had over 2 million cumulative downloads across several platforms. When not working he is most likely playing and studying the latest giant mainstream release or an obscure indie game.

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