S11:E3 - Why apprenticeships are important for equality, diversity, and inclusion (Ryan Carson)

CodeNewbie Podcast

We explore the growing movement toward creating paths to apprenticeships with Ryan carson, CEO and founder of Treehouse.

In this episode, we talk about the necessity of coding apprenticeships in making the tech world a more diverse and inclusive place, with Ryan Carson, CEO and founder of Treehouse. He talks about the limitations of the pure bootcamp model and how apprenticeship programs can lead to real change in terms of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

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Ryan Carson

Ryan Carson is the CEO & Founder of Treehouse, an online school that's taught software engineering to over 850,000 people. He is a leader and champion of self-directed learning--inspiring others to take the helm of their own education. He is also an advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion within the tech industry, specializing in helping companies like Verizon, Nike, Adobe, Mailchimp, and more, invest in their local communities, building diverse teams, and creating generational wealth for families who have been locked out of tech. Treehouse is partnered with AnitaB.org and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America on a massive movement to build the ladder to high-paying jobs in tech with projectunlocktheamericandream.org.

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