Ep. 123 - Rails Girls Summer of Code (Laura Gaetano)

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Laura was a lot of stuff, like a music blogger, DJ, and maid. Now, she helps introduce others to tech through initiatives like Rails Girls Summer of Code. She tells us about the program, the value of working on open source, and how she became a developer.

Before becoming a developer, Laura had a number of job titles, including music blogger, DJ, and maid. But it was a Rails Girls workshop that brought her back to the world of web that she fell in love with many years ago. Now, as a manger at the Travis Foundation, she gets to help introduce other women to tech through the Rails Girls Summer of Code, one of the many initiatives she runs. She tells us more about what it’s like to be a scholar in the program, the power of doing meaningful work on open source projects, and how she reconnected with the web and became a developer.

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Laura Gaetano

Laura Gaetano is a web developer, designer and artist from Italy. She runs the Ruby Usergroup and Pyladies chapter in Vienna, Austria as well as Rails Girls Summer of Code, a global initiative to bring more women into tech by offering them paid scholarships to work on Open Source projects.

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