AiA 265: Progressive Enhancements with Ire Aderinokun

Adventures in Angular

In this episode of Adventures in Angular Charles Max Wood interviews Ire Aderinokun at JAMstack conf 2019. Ire works for Buycoins, a cryptocurrency exchange for Africa. She gave a lightning talk, “Headless Chrome & Cloudinary for progressively enhanced dynamic content on the web”. After giving a brief overview of her talk to Charles, Ire defines progressive enhancement for the listeners. 

Walking through how progressive enhancement works, she explains how Headless Chrome and Cloudinary helped her with the project she shared in the talk. Ire and Charles consider the blindspot that developers experience because they work on high-end devices and how using progressive enhancement helps those who use lower-end devices.

Ire shares her experience with JAMstack and explains how progressive enhancement works with JAMstack. Charles shares his experience using JAMstack. The episode ends with Ire giving advice and resources to help get started with progressive enhancement. 


  • Charles Wood


  • Ire Aderinokun

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