AiA 251: AngularJS to Angular Migration with Craig Spence

Adventures in Angular



  • Aaron Frost

  • Alyssa Nicoll

  • Shai Reznik

Joined By Special Guest: Craig Spence

Episode Summary

Craig Spence was a developer at Trade Me in New Zealand before he moved to Sweden to join Spotify. Trade Me is New Zealand's biggest website and it is similar to eBay where people buy and sell lots of different items. Craig talks about his experiences migrating Trade Me from AngularJS to Angular and the challenges they faced. One of the tips Craig has for the audience is when faced with a problem it is better to ask for help from those who have been in similar situations before, rather that attempting to solve it alone. The panel also agrees that developers should stop writing in AngularJS and make the decision to move forward. Craig recently started working at Spotify in Sweden and is dealing with a challenging bug that has lasted for over 13 days.



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