AiA 239: Live at ng-conf

Adventures in Angular



  • Aaron Frost

  • Charles Max Wood

  • Joe Eames

Joined by special guests: Bill Odom, Daniel Kilburn, Niall Crosby.

Episode Summary

This episode of Adventures in Angular comes to you live from ng-conf 2019. Niall Crosby, CEO at ag-Grid, talks about how he started the company and what they work on. The panel then talks to a number of guests at the conference, including the volunteers, organizers and attendees and have interesting conversations about the work they do, what made them come to the conference and what they like about it. They talk about the workshops being conducted, give listeners tips on learning angular and one of the speakers appeals to listeners for help in mentoring and sponsorship. They wrap up the podcast by each stating their favourite talks and moments at the conference and agree on the fact that the community is one of the best parts of Angular.


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