AiA 218: Developer Freedom with Charles Max Wood

Adventures in Angular


  • Charles Max Wood

In this episode, Chuck discusses his new podcast show titled the DevRev. Chuck also asks you very honest questions that will get you thinking; such as: What does freedom mean to you? How do you want your life and career to unfold? How can we (at the DevRev) help you with your career decisions? Check out today’s episode to hear about this and much more!

Show Topics:

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0:52 – Chuck: Welcome! The panel is myself! I had this idea bouncing in my head for a while and I got some verification while waiting for my guest and panelists to show up. The show that I am producing is called, DevRev and it’s based on developer freedom.

2:22 – Chuck: Some developers love to contribute to open source. Some developers say that they don’t get along with their boss or coworkers. Others will say that they aren’t learning and feel like they are falling behind. I am on the B team and want to be on the A team. It boils down to: are they getting the freedom to do what they want to do.

3:45 – Chuck: I haven’t been happier with my job since I’ve gone self-employed. Having a sense of freedom could have a different definition for you. Perhaps you are looking for time to go hiking, skiing, and so on. For you it could be programming is to help you with your hobbies. What kind of opportunities can YOU create for yourself in programming?

5:32 – Chuck: When I got into programming (at first) I didn’t have a real clear idea. My old boss would have these ideas and would change the day after our meeting, which was frustrating. Freedom could be things from the things that don’t make you happy. Maybe an office space for you doesn’t work for you.

6:41 – Chuck: 1.) Freedom in life to do what you want! 2.) Freedom in your career to elevate you where you want to be.

Chuck: Freedom to pursue the things that I care about vs. not pursue the things I don’t care about. First of all how do we take care of the big things? How do we reach our long-term goals? Finally, how do we remove all of the other interrupts and optimize our experience day-to-day to achieve things we want to achieve?

8:48 – Chuck: I was talking with Chris and his ideas are centered on with helping the community. We talked about the things that hang him up, too?

9:26 – Chuck: “I am swamped at work – what do I do?” I want to help you solve your issues. What’s your idea of freedom?

10:15 – Chuck: How do you feel fulfilled? Let’s find you a place that will payoff for you. There are all kinds of ideas around this. That’s where I want to dive-into!

11:11 – Chuck: If there are any questions that you have in particular – shoot me a message! I will gladly answer your questions and check out! I have some friends who run a financial podcast – 2 Frugal Dudes. I want you to ask the questions that are irking you.

12:36 – Chuck: I feel like there are tons of opportunities for developers out there that we can help you find what’s a good place for you. Find what you want out your career and life – find something that will line-up for you. Even if you are trying to find your first job! There are a lot of options out there. I am putting the show out on YouTube and Facebook!

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