AiA 182: Brittany Moore's Path into Angular

Adventures in Angular


  • Charles Max Wood
  • Alyssa Nicoll
  • Ward Bell
  • John Papa
  • Special Guests: Brittany Moore

In this episode of Adventures in Angular, the panel talks to Brittany Moore about her unique experience into Angular. Brittany has been working as a front-end developer for about four years and is currently a consultant for Test Double. She was first introduced to Angular at a talk that John Papa gave and was blown away by the sheer power of it. She really encourages people who are learning Angular to get out and attend talks, conferences and meetups so that they can build connections and get more information from people who are good at what they do.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Brittany intro
  • Angular
  • Front-end background
  • JavaScript and CSS
  • Discovered Angular from a talk
  • Angular JS and Angular 2.0
  • What made Angular appeal to you?
  • CS graduate
  • Before Angular, she used a lot of trial and error
  • C#
  • Had trouble getting stated without a JavaScript background
  • Angular gave her a clear path forward and a framework that was understandable
  • Got on as many online communities she could
  • Learned Angular through help on the internet and community resources
  • Encourages people to attend conferences and meetups
  • Ruby Rogues Episode 255
  • How did you go to conferences when you didn’t know anyone?
  • The importance of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone
  • Her career is defined by the conferences she went to
  • Emotional reaction to conferences
  • ng Vikings
  • Just going to the conferences are beneficial
  • What were your biggest OMG moments at conferences?
  • And much, much more!







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