AiA 177: Angular's BuildTools Convergence with Alex Eagle

Adventures in Angular


Charles Max Wood

Joe Eames

Alyssa Nicoll

John Papa

Ward Bell

Special Guests: Alex Eagle

In this episode of Adventures in Angular, the panel discusses Angular’s BuildTools with Alex Eagle. Alex has been working on the Angular core team at Google for the past three years and works on developer tooling there. He discusses the advantages of using a new build system, Bazel, and how using this system could improve your coding across the board. They also compare Bazel to other Angular tools and talk about when you would want to integrate Bazel into your tool belt.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Angular plumbing
  • Google Monorepo
  • Bazel software
  • Micro-services
  • Not all tools need to be written JavaScript
  • Pros of Bazel build system
  • Compilation in Angular CLI
  • Two second rule
  • How do you know when Bazel is good for you?
  • Production mode vs development mode
  • Feeling nervous about using Bazel
  • Want your CI to have cashing
  • What does Bazel look like today?
  • What will Bazel look like when your done with it?
  • Take rules and compose them however you want
  • Bazel syntax is like Python
  • Rules
  • Bazel Ecosystem vs Angular Ecosystem
  • Tools in your Toolchain
  • And much, much more!








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